Our Story

Equitable access to college & career readiness information.

Focusing on equitable access to information, we ensure all students have the opportunity to compete in a global society.

Who We Are

We are a team of students who utilize digital media platforms geared towards impacting school culture and providing equitable access to resources. The CCR leadership program began with 13 committed students who saw a vision to better our school and community. Team 4 endeavors to build on the founders’ vision by creating a new platform with resources more accessible to students all across the Sacramento community and beyond. We strive to be the epicenter of student-led College and Career Readiness.

What We Do

This new platform is an online learning management system that teaches students how to succeed in school, apply for college, and be prepared for life after high school. This online learning management system will include courses on resumes, scholarships and essay writing, military enlistment, and study skills. These courses will contain interviews, podcasts, and instructional videos, and quizzes to ensure mastery of the content. Ultimately, with this new digital platform, we can have a more significant impact on our community and build a pathway for other schools to model a student-led marketing campaign for college and career success. 

Meet Our Team

Courses created at Inderkum High School.

Team 4

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Tsadiku Obolu

Chief of Staff
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Vanessa Tran

Finance Director
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Mariana Jones

Executive Producer
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Ellen Batsaikhan

Data & Research Director
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Genesis Baez

Bilingual Outreach Director
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Aaron McRae

Podcast Production Manager
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Alayna Hudson

Parent Outreach Coordinator
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Maya Barber

Staff Outreach Coordinator
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Danashi Messele

IT Project Manager
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Jennifer Ortiz

Bilingual Outreach Manager
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Timothy Dixon

Video Production Manager
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Kayla Itagaki

Social Media Manager
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Juwan Madaki

Scholarship Manager
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Jajanai Stradford

Vocational Outreach Manager
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Muhammad Shehroz Khan

Research & Data Manager
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Sarah Solorio

Bilingual Video Producer
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Katherine Cato

Culture and Climate Manager
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Iman Hundal

Research Analyst
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Gavindeep Sanghera

Video Producer
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Marcel Martin

XTGMedia-05871 new size

Joel Benoit

XTGMedia-05885 new size

Nicole Crawford

XTGMedia-05878 new size

Meera Puelicher

XTGMedia-05875 new size

Nathaniel Valera

XTGMedia-05874 new size

Angel Prasad

XTGMedia-06055 new size

Sidharth Gopisetty

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Nadya Gorbuleac


Team 5

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Marcel Martin

Nathan Valera

Nathan Valera

Nicole Crawford

Nicole Crawford

Nadya Gorbuleac

Nadya Gorbuleac

Angel Prasad

Angel Prasad


Amol Budhiraja

Rayan Ali

Rayan Ali

Abigail Vellosillo

Abigail Vellosillo

Jadyn Johnson

Jadyn Rose

Stephanie Ford

Stephanie Ford

Kashvi Dwarka

Kashvi Dwarka


Jose Villanueva


Evelyne Aviles


Maya Moreno

Timilehin Asebiomo

Timilehin Asebiomo

Athena Godin

Athena Godin


George Kutek


Joshua Miller


Adiyah Obolu


Malaika Nazir